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The Jamo® brand—owned by Klipsch Group, Inc.—bases all of its audio products, speakers and electronics alike, on the Danish design tradition of style, simplicity and functionality. For Jamo, it’s not just about delivering great sound; it’s about how a product integrates into a living space.

Through the years, Jamo has received widespread recognition for creating products with a unique “Danish Sound.” What does that mean? Jamo views it as a balance that can be best described as open, clear, coherent and undeniably musical.

Just as important, however, Jamo products are designed and engineered to continue the proud Danish traditions of beauty and practicality. For centuries, the Danes have been known for their natural aptitude when it comes to architecture, construction and design. It’s an essence that’s reflected in the contemporary, yet timeless, look of Jamo’s creations. Often, Jamo works closely with imaginative and quality-conscious product visualizers, such as Smedegaard & Weiss, an award-winning female design team. This highly respected Danish duo is internationally known for their ability to combine technical excellence with an intuitive feel for consumer demand.

Operating in over 80 countries, Jamo sees itself as a provider of custom-designed entertainment, one that understands and reflects the different ways in which the world listens. Its mission is to bring unique and memorable sonic experiences into your home. Whether you want music in the kitchen, the living room or on the terrace; whether you desire two-channel stereo or a surround-sound system, Jamo has an ideal solution for you.


Reference Series
Consisting of the R 909 and R 907 towers, the Reference Series is bold and beautiful. Changing the face of high-end audio, these stereo speakers were created for audiophiles who prefer two-channel listening. Based on an open dipolar principle, they distribute sound from both the front and back of the cabinet. The rear-reflected audio adds ambience, producing a natural-sized soundstage, where you hear everything from the breath each singer takes to the rush of a full orchestra. Available in eye-catching high-gloss finishes, these speakers attract as much attention for their unique look as they do for their incredibly detailed sound.


Aesthetic Series
Consisting of the A 800, A 5, A 400, A 10 and Graphic lines, the Aesthetic Series serves as an open, modular platform of high quality, visually appealing speakers that lets you “build” a home audio system to your unique needs. While these lines are different in size and sculptural shape, they all incorporate exclusive Jamo technologies and adopt an inconspicuous nature. For these speakers, it’s not just about getting the sound right, it’s about getting the aesthetics right, too.


360 Series
Drawing inspiration from nature, the Jamo 360 boasts organic curvaceous shapes that produce immersive and vivid sound in all directions, creating both a visual and acoustic statement in your home or commercial space. The Jamo 360 Series’ distinctive Danish design makes these speakers a show-stopping conversation piece at your next dinner party and represents a true statement on modern acoustic and visual taste. By utilizing Jamo’s exclusive Omnipolar® acoustic dispersion technology, the 360 Series provides a unique and immersive listening experience. This is based on the principle that sound should be omnidirectional rather than directional with a narrowed focus, providing consistent frequency and time response throughout the room, so every spot is the “sweet spot.” Traditional speaker arrangements create a narrow field of sound which grants those sitting directly in the middle of the speakers a superior listening experience. With the 360 Series, you can stand practically anywhere in the room and enjoy vivid and immersive sound. The 360 Series is Global Sonic Immersion.


Concert Series
The Concert Series of home audio speakers, consisting of the C 800, C 600, C 400, D 7 and D 6 lines, not only sound beautiful, they’re also pieces of furniture that blend beautifully into your room. Both lines share many high-performance technical characteristics for open musical playback, as well as highly sophisticated cabinets with designer finishes.

Studio Series
The S 600 and S 500 Studio Series offers a variety of speakers that focus on visual appeal, functionality and excellent value. These are stylish, solid speakers that look great anywhere. Regardless of which home theater system configuration you choose, each member of the Studio Series delivers strong, clear vocals and instrumentation with deep, thunderous bass.


Jamo’s subwoofer lineup is highly versatile and extremely powerful. From the flagship SUB 650 to the IW1060SW in-wall design, these products perfectly anchor a stereo or home theater system with their hard-hitting bass performances. Each subwoofer is specially designed to broaden your low frequency horizons, from explosions and earthquakes to subtle musical nuances and dynamic peaks.


Custom Series
The Jamo Custom Series takes high performance outside the “box.” This product family, which consists of the 800, 600, 400, Contractor and Outdoor lines, lets you wrap yourself in sound by having it emerge from every imaginable part of your home: walls, ceilings or even stones in your garden. With more than 15 years of experience in the custom installation industry, Jamo knows how to help you find the best possible whole-house solution.


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